Le meilleur de la musique Celtique chez vous
you live in France
Failte !

Be welcome in France !

You live in France and want to share some Celtic Culture, tradition or event where you live ?

We can help you and provide many cultural and musical animations anywhere in France, as a private individual or as member of an association or a company

Frenches with celtic roots or Scot, Irish or Welsh living in France, we are professionnal in entertainment. 

Are you looking for a solo piper, or pipe-band,  a cheilidh band, someone for à party, a wedding, your Burns Night or St Patrick, twined city, or whatever you are involved in ?
You knock at the good door !

Feel free to speak with us of your project on the contact page. You will recieve an answer very quickly .

Hope meet you soon and help you to get success in your event.

Yours aye. Cheers

General Manager 
Celte in France

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